Thursday, February 19, 2009


The situation is too complicated to talk about.I wouldn't do the cause any justice by a mere display of emotions. The history and details of things is too much and too long. Yet, here's a few words about this tragedy:

Gaza has been under siege and a blockade restricting it from the basic necessities of human life for more than 2 years. The 1.5 million people who live in this 350 km2 stretch of land almost all live below the poverty line, are malnourished, impoverished, under educated, and left to starve die and rot.

And now Israel is fed up with Hamas' resistance to this blockade and decided to collectively punish the entire population of Gaza for resisting their blockade and exercising their most basic right to live freely and in dignity. And how does Israel show it's fed up? It kills around 400 people and injures around 2000 people in just 4 days!

Let me repeat that sentence which I'm sure you just quickly read and dismissed as mere numbers:

Around FOUR HUNDRED Human Beings have been killed by Israel and almost TWO THOUSAND Human Beings have been injured in a span of just FOUR DAYS!!!! And the assault continues as we speak.

Perhaps the Israelis have reached such an extreme case of paranoia because of the holocaust that it just mass kills anyone it regards as its enemy at will. Perhaps Israel is just the neighborhood bully. Perhaps Israel is a trigger happy little boy with weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps Israel is just simply insane.

And maybe there's a slight possibility that Israel is an extremist Jewish State that is hellbent on occupying what they believe to be their holy and promised land while displacing whatever people that already live there by any means necessary including just simply by killing them all and causing a second holocaust onto those people it deems as less human and beneath them.

Whatever the case is here's the facts. Four hundred human beings are dead so far. Some of these are children, women and elderly. Some are civilians. Some are mothers, fathers and daughters. Some are sons. Some are disabled and sick. Some are heroes, some are commoners, some are fighters.

The world sits idly as this happen. It is mind boggling. Protests are scattered in many capitals of our world. The governments of the world remain suspiciously and criminally quiet about all of this. Am I missing something? Is it suddenly OK to kill hundreds of people using superior military power which I got from the most powerful country of the world? Is it justified to take life to save life? Or in this case take hundreds of lives to perhaps safe one life? Who draws the limit? Who decides who gets to die and who lives? The more powerful does. Reason is power. Righteousness is power. Faith is power. Dignity is power. Patience is power. But in this equation; one power power.

Let the people of Gaza die. Are they worth anything to us? Aren't they just statistics in this seemingly never ending conflict between the Arabs and Israelis? Are they even human beings with feelings and hopes and dreams?!! Do they have mothers that weep and wale and fathers that shed a tear over sons and daughters who once made them proud??!!

Around a month ago Mumbai was attacked by terrorists. 188 innocent people died. Six of them were Jews. The whole world watched in horror. Condemned and offered their condolences. The attack left the already fragile relations between Pakistan and India in shaky grounds. The US sent its Secretary of Foreign affairs to Indian as a sign of solidarity.

Let's draw a contrast between the reaction of the world to what happened in Mumbai and what's happening today in Gaza. What's missing? What's wrong?!! Is it because the lives lost in Mumabi were those of Americans, Brits, Israelis and Westerners? Is it because they're not Muslims? Is it because they're not Arabs? Can someone tell me why?!!

Please take a look at this, then continue reading this post:

What do you feel in your gut? Put all politics and its complexity aside, and put your humanity in front for one minute. How do you feel?

Israel always preaches that the International community has a duty to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon to avoid another holocaust. You, my dear reader, now have the moral and humane duty to act in whatever way you can to stop this ugly, sadistic and beastly massacre against these people. Imagine this is your mother, father, brother, or child you see in those pictures. Imagine this is happening to your countrymen. And imagine this is happening right in front of you and you do absolutely nothing about it.

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