Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Arab World & Our Ignorance II

My last post scratched the surface of some of the ugly things we face in the Arab World, albeit in Egypt. As I promised in that post, this is a continuation, an expansion of that train of thought if you will.

Before I dive into it there's one thing I'd like to respond to first. A few people labeled my posts as too negative, too dark and full of problem listing as opposed to solution suggestion.

A have two things to say to that:
1. We've been having some deep problems embedded with every aspect of our lives in the Arab World which we fail to address. I am here to talk about them with no fear of retribution.
2. That's one of the major problems we're facing, everyone's waiting for someone with answers to come out of nowhere and solve everything! That's not going to happen. Change has to come from ourselves, for the details of our lives, our attitudes, our concepts, our premonitions and our convictions.
Even if I do write a 10 page article full of answers to our problems, then what?!! Is it like someone out there reading my post will take things into his/her hands and act on it!!!

Moving on...

Most people in the Arab World suggest that all our problems lie in our leaders. They are a bunch of dictators sitting on thrones made of gold commanding their long reach of army and security services to keep every citizen in-check with the rules they've superimposed on everyone. That's half the problem, the other being the silent masses.

We have watched these dicks (short for dictatorships!) for decades now view our countries as their own little backyards, and we did nothing about it. We barely spoke out, and those who did were imprisoned leaving the rest of us living in constant fear.

Year after year we wait for change. We wait for it to come from outside, or sometimes we wait for our leaders to "suddenly" come to their senses and decide to fix everything! Or we simply wait for some Messiah or Mehdi or Neo or some sort of savior to come along and deliver us from this life of oppression and ignorance. Well allow me to burst everyone's bubble...THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Egypt has had the same president for more than 40 years, Syria has had the same regime ruling for more than 50, Palestine has been occupied for 61 years, our most holy site in Mecca has been hijacked by those Saudi puppets for almost a 100 years...are we really waiting for the present rulers to die hoping the next ones would come out better, only then to find out they're the same and then we wait for another 100 years to see if the next ones come out better?!!

It's a cliche, change comes from within. We have to change and force ourselves upon them. We have to start the movement ourselves and take it to their doorsteps. It will come with pain and sacrifice, it will come with blood and tears, but when it comes it will be glorious and profound. You asked me for answers, I'll give you answers in my next post, after reading this last paragraph you probably know where I'm heading. You might not approve of it, you might not like it, you might think it's ludicrous. I assure is the only way.

See you next post...

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