Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arabs Suck

This is actually an old post I've written for Khaled's Newsletter, but I've decided to re-post it for the sake of my upcoming piece about the Arab World and its ignorance.

I'm fed up!!

Arabs are the worst people on this earth!!

Allow me to explain: I would like the reader to keep in mind that I am an Arab myself and I belong to this fiasco of a "nation", or peoples.
What were we doing before Islam came? We were living in tribes, villages and tents fighting one another, burying our own baby daughters, worshipping idols, and our best achievements were poetry and mercantile.
We were invaded by many civilizations, ruled by some, killed by others, we fought some, and we were enslaved by others. We learned to kiss ass from the early stages of our existence.

Suddenly, Islam came! We became invincible…something clicked in our bodies and heads. We saw light and happiness, we saw deliverance and spiritual power, and we saw the real heaven and worked hard to get there. We conquered and spread the message which – we felt – had enlightened us and delivered us from evil (much like Bush now and his message of Freedom and Democracy). But we didn’t bring destruction; we brought faith, science, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, and literature.

At this point I’m going to have to point out an extremely important fact. The vast majority of the great scientists who made the Islamic Empire a beacon of light onto the world were NOT Arabs! Here’s a list of some of who these scientists were, what they did (shortly) and where they came from:

Name: Jaber Ibn Hayyan, Died: 803 C.E, Work: Father of Chemistry, Origin:Iraq.

Name: Al Khawarizmy, Died: 840 C.E, Work: Mathematician, Astronomer and Geographer, Origin: Khawarizm (south of the sea of Aral – between Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan).

Name: Al Kindi, Died: 873 C.E, Work: Philosopher, Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Physician, Geographer & even an expert in Music, Origin: Iraq

Name: Ibn Qura, Died: 901 C.E, Work: Mathematics and Astronomy, Origin: Turkey.

Name: Al Tabari, Died: 870 C.E, Work: Physician, Calligraphy, Astronomy, Philosophy, Mathematics & Literature, Origin: A Jew turned Muslim.

Name: Al Battani, Died: 929 C.E, Work: Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer, Origin: Turkey.

Name: Al Razi, Died: 930 C.E, Work: Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry & Philosophy, Origin: Persia

Name: Al Farabi, Died: 950 C.E, Work: Science, Philosophy, Logic, Sociology, Medicine, Mathematics & Music, Origin: Persia.

Name: Al Zahrawi, Died:1013 C.E, Work: Medicine, Surgery, Origin: Arab born in Spain.

Name: Al Buzjani, Died: 997 C.E, Work: Mathematician & Astronomer, Origin: Persia.

Name: Ibn Al Haitham, Died: 1040 C.E, Work: Physicist, Origin: Iraq

Name: Al Biruni, Died: 1048 C.E, Work: Physics, Metaphysics, Mathematics, Geography & History, Origin: Ural (Kazakhstan).

Name: Ibn Sina, Died: 1037 C.E, Work: Physician, Philosopher, Encyclopaedist, Mathematician & Astronomer, Origin: Uzbekistan.

Name: Omar Khayyam, Died: 1131 C.E, Work: Poet, Mathematician, Philosopher, Astronomer, Origin: Persia.

Name: Ibn Al Nafis, Died: 1288 C.E, Work: Physician, Origin: Syria.

Name: Ibn Rushd, Died: 1198 C.E, Work: Phylosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Origin: Arab born in Spain.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslim_scientists

You’ll find listed above 16 unbelievable scientists who contributed immensely to the world’s science at their time as well as modern science of today. Only 6 of the 16 were Arabs, 3 of them Iraqi, 1 from Syria, and 2 were born in Spain (Andalusia)!

We lost Spain (Andalusia) to its original inhabitants, and look at Iraq and Syria today!

Most civilizations that conquered, occupied, or invaded us were simply fed up with our own ignorance and lack of rational thinking and decided to pack up and leave; then to return at a later stage in their history just because some ruler of theirs remembered that our lands were just too precious not to occupy.

We simply didn’t give a damn; we know our lands were rich with heritage, with history, with religion and with earlier civilizations that brought the greatest cities this world had ever seen. And we know we have oil and natural gas and human resources enough to build great nations, let alone one. Yet we conspired against each other, sought an illusion of power through the partnering of those who never meant well for us, and betrayed ourselves and our families with lies, deceit and hypocrisy.

Arabs have shamefully and dramatically failed in catching up with the modern age in all its aspects: political, social, economical, educational, etc. We lack the necessary courage and creativity to leap into the next phase of a civilized society. Here’s how:

1. We dare not question anything related to Islam…no matter how extreme, strange, out-of-this-world, baseless, or pointless it may be.
2. We clung onto our tribal system:
a. The following are ruled by families (by constitution):
i. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ii. Kingdom of Bahrain.
iii. Sultanate of Oman.
iv. Morocco.
v. Jordan.
vi. United Arab Emirates.
vii. Qatar.
viii. Kuwait.
b. The following are ruled by families (regardless of the constitution):
i. Syria.
ii. Yemen (not the president, but Yemen still maintains a very strong tribal system. If it weren’t for the tribes of Yemen getting along together and chewing Qat, they’d still be fighting each other).
c. The following have had the same president for the past 30 years or more:
i. Egypt.
ii. Libya.

3. Our superiors are our Gods. We dare not question them (except behind their backs), stand up to them, bring them to justice, or even look at them (unless they’re not looking). And we have their pictures hung on every wall of every establishment, institution, business, organization, bureau, and office you can imagine.
4. Our judicial system is dictated by the same superiors mentioned in point3.
5. Our military is controlled by the same superiors mentioned in point 3.
6. Greed, injustice, corruption, and narrow mindedness in every corner.
7. We believe that everything we do is right and justified.

Dirty laundry all over the place, but I don’t care. We need a wake-up call, something shocking to hear and see, perhaps even something tragic.

Pan-Arabism doesn’t exist, it never did. It is the very conversion of “Muslim Countries” to “Arabic Countries” that started this whole downwards spiral into the abyss of slump. It is the thinking that a common language breeds a common ideology under which people can come together as one.

It is also the thinking that God is protecting us from harm just because most of us are Muslims. It is the thinking that whatever happens around me, as long as I’m sure I’m going to heaven nothing else matters. It is the thinking that our current practicing and understanding of Islam is flawless. It is the thinking that two wrongs can make right.

About %70 of the Arab population is under 30 years of age. We have no proper educational institutions, facilities and systems. No proper sporting arenas and clubs; and barely any art and recreational centers. The youth is discouraged to speak, contribute and freely think, yet constantly required to excel.

And most importantly, it is when we see wrong and harm being done….and we do nothing about it.

In the next article I will write about the rest of the world, excluding Arabs. What people have been doing while Arabs were crying to the world about their ruling families and Israel!


  1. You have hit the nail right on the head, THANKS.
    We need more wake up calls. Keep it coming.

  2. Hey,

    Kharazmy wasn't an Arab; he was Persian;


    also Jber ibn'e hayyan was Perisan too;


  3. Yo!

    Did you write all of this Khaled?

    It's very correct.

    I wasn't expecting for such decisive and truthful article.

    Well written!

  4. Ehsan I didn't say that Khawarizmy an Arab! Please read through the article again.

    And the information I got was from Wikipedia as well. We have the same source, perhaps there is some inaccuracy as the data is incosistent. I will dig deeper into this and try to find out.

    And yes, I wrote all of this :) Thank you.


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