Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Egypt, the Arab World and our Ignorance I

First let me start by showing my respect to the Egyptians as a people in general. This is not about you, this is about the idiots who rule you.

Soon after news of the Swine Flu disease becoming an epidemic spread around; some idiot who thinks he’s smart in Egypt decided to come up with a very "bright" idea of exterminating all pigs in Egypt. To help you fathom this better, that’s about 300,000 pigs!

First, unlike the Bird Flu that actually did strike parts of Egypt, the pigs of Egypt are actually Swine Flu free. They have to come in contact with an infected pig for them to become infected. That means that an infected pig from Mexico or the US has to travel all the way to Egypt and mingle with the Egyptian pigs and infect them!

Second, there is absolutely no evidence at all that suggest that Swine Flu can be transmitted by eating ham.

I am a Muslim and raising, eating, and even coming in contact with pigs is actually forbidden for me; having said that, I do not understand why someone would want to wipe out 300,000 pigs and I just can’t see the logic or righteousness of such a move.

The pig wiping out story is just an intro to what I want to talk about here.

A British family decided to visit Egypt for tourism. They were excited, happy and looking forward to have a great time with their four kids. Their trip turned disastrous as soon as the Egyptian passport control authorities found out that the family had visited Mexico 6 months ago.

My comment on what happened:


It’s not about the British family being British, it’s not about them being tourists, it’s about the functioning of a government that perfected the art of spreading fear and terror in the hearts of its citizens. What this poor British family experienced is something regular Egyptians face all the time in different circumstances and for different reasons, not only Egyptians, most Arabic countries function in the same manner.

I’ve never been to Egypt, I cannot claim I know everything or much about it. But I am Syrian and have been to Syria many times. And from what I hear and from what I’ve read in this article I think I can relate pretty well.

The way the police acted in this incident is the way they’re trained to work. The state of the hospital they stayed in is the state of most hospitals in the Arab World. The attitude shown to this family is the attitude the average Arab receives from the authorities all the time. What you consider to be shocking after you’ve read this article is something completely normal for us in the Arab World to read or hear about. That, however, doesn’t make it in any way appropriate or acceptable.

The way these authorities dealt with this matter shows how ignorant they are, it shows how brutal they are, and it simply shows how little value they give to other human beings once they dub them as a “threat”.

There’s plenty more to say, plenty more to address, that’s why I decided to split this topic into parts. This of course being part I, more parts to come later.

I’ve written a post before called Arabs Suck, this time I’m going to delve a little more into details. I’m going to show you, my dear reader, why my not so beloved Arab World lives in such ignorance. And then I will talk about how things can change. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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