Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Arab World & Our Ignorance III - Finale

The is the final part of a trilogy of posts talking about the Arab World in its ignorance.

I'm tired of us Arabs blaming everything on others. We blame Israel, Zionism, Jews, the US, colonialism, the British Empire, etc. We blame every entity we find convenient to blame while ignoring the fact that even if some or all of these entities are messing things up for us they are doing it through us. Setting Palestine aside, we are not occupied, we all have countries with borders, armies, money, flags, scientists, and most importantly...people.

Japan was nuked, every brick in London was bombed, Berlin was occupied, Argentina lived under dictatorships, so did Brazil...look at all these countries/cities today.

We were 20 countries trying to fight one, Israel, and we failed! How is this fathomable?! Syria had an army that could've marched all the way to Jerusalem. Egypt could've taken control of Gaza. What happened? Betrayal happened.

In fact, Arabs have been betraying each other and others throughout time! If it weren't for Islam and oil in modern times we would literally be little tribes scattered here and there fighting each other for land, power, water and cattle!

If being an Arab today stands for indecision, inaction, cowardliness, subdue, whining, and a spirit of defeat then I am ashamed to be one. On the other hand if being an Arab means what Arabs truly were with traits of chivalry, courageousness, generosity, pride and honor, then where are these traits from the Arabs and their leaders of today?

So what do we do?

First, we have to separate the weak from the strong, those with pride with those who live as slaves, those who simply care from those who only care about themselves.

Then we rise!

We use every medium we can, the Internet, the radio, the TV, the phone, the air, the wind, the seas, the body, the mind. We spread a message of awakening, a message of rejection of what our governments stand for, a message of defiance, a message that brings power to the people who hold their heads up high and scream everyday for justice. Call it a movement, call it a revolution, call it what you's the only way.

The dictators ruling us have the illusion of power, much like Israel did before it's encounter with Hezbollah in the war in 2006. They survive on that illusion, it's the fuel that feeds their thrones, it can also be the nail in their coffins. Simple random acts of defiance can slowly erode this illusion of power, stripping them from their cloaks that radiate fear and subliminal control.

People will suffer, go to jails, disappear, get tortured, lose their loved ones, and shed tears of sorrow and physical pain, but this time the tears and the pain are meaningful, the blood is shed for a valid reason, the mind will for once be on the right track.

Now call me a dreamer, tell me it's impossible, brand me crazy and illogical. If you thought any of these thoughts or anything similar to these thoughts you belong to the "First" section of "What do we do?" part above. We don't need you.

Now my dear reader you have the following very simple options to live by for the rest of your life:
1. Not do anything, I like my life being peaceful as it is. I also like living as a slave.
2. Wait, change will eventually come, maybe through my children or grandchildren or grand grand children....
3. Rise with me.
4. Fight me.

For those who are searching for a meaning in their lives...rise.


  1. Khaled,
    Your articles could be even more powerful in Arabic. I admire your depth.

    a loyal reader.

  2. If he writes these things in Arabic, he would end up in jail.

  3. Belated comment..! Nobody reads..... Period....

  4. Totally agree!

    The solutions you provide make perfect sense.

    Keep up the good work!


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