Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emotional Coma

This was written in the summer of 2008...

She’s inside her head.
She stares at the ceiling.
She lies on her bed.
She’s detached from her feelings.
She walks around with her whole life on her shoulders.
She breathes a sigh as I wish I could just hold her.

I’m inside my head, trying to find the answers.
I lay on my bed, wallowing in my despair.
I’m sad and confused, emotionally bruised.
Helpless and lost, self absorbed by what I have not caused.

She’s drawn the line, trapped herself in her circle of solitude.
She’s put us on hold, miscalculating the magnitude.
She says everything’s fine, as we silently dine.
Her eyes roll away into the abyss of misery.

My mind is lost searching for the way.
My heart is bleeding eroding my feelings away.
My body’s numb and my eyes are blind.
My senses are gone and now I’m all alone!

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