Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mind Trip

Enter into my temple of solitude, a maze of superstitious conspiracies, a forest of tangled encrypted revelations. The wild raw figure prevails, survival of the fittest inscribed into a cellular crystal. A pathway seemingly leading into infinity, fenced by the security of belief, rugged and frail, dull and stale. A multitude of fireflies hovering over, they seem to have a purpose, a mission. Gates in every corner, some are dark, others are bright. Too many options, choices, consequences that follow.

Stand upon a mountain of memories, overlooking a battlefield of good versus evil. The battle never ends, no one seems to win or lose, yet they courageously and continuously charge to their death or victory. The war ensues, relentless and merciless, I am controlled by those who claim victory, only leading to either regret or joy. And even though the regretful choices are well documented, they somehow make their way again into my life, only to be canceled out by an act of good will and the cycle goes on.

Look into the orbiting neutrons, a plethora of galaxies alive and commendable. Comets carrying messages stride in the skies, supernovae dumping unwanted memories into my mental black hole. A universe within me, filled with fabulous forms of life, illuminated with hope and faith, driven by a sense of survival, magnificently grand. Ride the shooting stars through a wormhole of confusion and a vortex of illusion. What you see is real, genuine and true.

Dive into my well of words, rhyming your way into impression. Close your eyes, open your heart, and call out for inspiration. Stomp the cliches, override the obsolete and create a world of your own. Admire your own creation, breath into it the power of persuasion, watch it being adored and admired, criticized and betrayed, overlooked and ignored. The well is bottomless, it expires when my body retires, spawning a flood of images and words, swim with the current, bathe in its aura.

Have you had enough? Can your eyes soak more beauty and realism? Can your mind comprehend the ever-expanding complexities of my thoughts? Can your heart fit more love and emotions? Do you want to know the real me? Step further into my mind though be warned, the point of no return is upon you, bail out and you will walk away, delve further into it and you shall be awed beyond your wildest imagination, the choice is yours to make...

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