Friday, November 6, 2009


We keep trying to find ways to make our lives more interestingrealitysucks_big, more eventful, and perhaps at times more dramatic. This behavior probably stems from a negative perception of the status quo, a bitter taste of life as it is, a disliked reality.

Let’s face it, reality sucks! There are mean people everywhere, life is generally hard, it’s difficult to get by, you dream & hope for beautiful things to come until you hit a dry, colorless, odorless, plain wall called reality.

The funny thing is though, isn’t reality made by us?! I mean after all, reality is how we made the world to be. We created beaurocracy, we created dictatorships, we created capitalism, we created socialism and communism. We raised a poor soul that would turn out to be mean.

Everything that happens around us is our creation. The systems, interactions, principles, doctrines, infrastructure, etc. The natural universe and the creatures it holds – including us – are of course God’s creation. Everything else is what we made it to be. And if our reality sucks, it is so because we made it so.

Unfortunately, reality sucks so much that there is very little hope that it can be changed or altered to a better form. When something bad happens to someone usually the first thing that pops in your head is: “sh*$ happens”, or “that’s life for ya”, or “life’s unfair”. Sh*$ happened because we did it! It didn’t come from outer space. And if we are the ones who do it, then it can be changed or stopped. What prevents us from stopping it is the following:

1. Greed.

2. Stubbornness.

3. Selfishness.

4. A false sense of faith.

I bet you can trace any incident where “sh*$ happened” to someone to one of the above listed reasons. Unfortunately, these reasons are imbedded in human beings. It’s not like some people have them and some don’t, we all have them but some fight them off and some don’t, and some fight and succeed and some fail. And thus the fight with our inner sense of twisted retribution rages on, it is rather disappointing though to see who’s winning.


  1. Yes, we always say "THEY" did it, but who's they? We should say "I" and "we" and start looking at the wo/man in the mirror!

  2. Dude, So what Reality should we follow instead? What are we supposed to do to be in harmony with our souls???


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