Thursday, December 31, 2009

Terrorism, to what end?

Terrorism, probably today’s number one most commonly used word in the news around the world. The perpetrators are of different nationalities, Saudi Arabian, Pakistani, Afghani, Nigerian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iranian, etc. One thing is in common with these countries, Islam.

To the naive it seems that Islam is a violent religion that enjoys killing innocent people and thrives over the destruction of the free world. I have two arguments in this context, the first being that there are 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, if all or most of them are violent because of their religion then the world would definitely be in a far worse shape than it is in now. Another argument screams out a single word: Freedom. Something us, Arabuslims (Arabic Muslims, my own invention!), feverishly seek. So we cannot possibly hate freedom, who on earth hates freedom!!

The notion of freedom is something we cry for everyday. We have ruthless, ignorant, fanatic, unjust, totalitarian rulers backed by a policing force that is specifically built to quell any attempt of even a show of resentment almost as soon as its roots begin to develop. This, coupled with unjust wars and occupation of Arabic and Islamic lands in places like Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, is a perfect recipe to spawn individuals who have nothing to lose and much to fight for at the same time. It spawns terrorists.

Much of our problems with the West stem from this so called terrorism. The West is convinced that we’re out to ruin their way of life and superimpose ours on theirs, while taking as many of their lives as possible while we’re at it.

As my cousin and good friend put it, terrorism is a result of two interconnected factors. One is the West’s occupation of our lands and their thirst for wars in our region. Two being the failure of our governments to stand up to what’s right and what’s just. Their failure to strongly and decisively tackle major issues like invasions and bombings and civilian deaths.

If you happen to agree with that last proposition, I ask this: If terrorism is a product of those two factors, how come only the West is suffering because of their wrongdoing. Why don’t the “terrorists” punish their local leaders for their complete and utter failure. Why aren’t terrorist attacks happening in Arabic lands?

Iraq notwithstanding, there has been very little terrorist attacks in Arabic countries. This can be attributed to one or a combination of the following reasons:

  1. The local security forces are too strong and it’s very difficult to plan and synchronize an attack.
  2. The terrorists are a product of Arabic governments!
  3. The terrorists are a product of Western governments and the deal is to spread fear in the Western masses while keeping the Arabic ones untouched.

Let me just come back to point 3 above. This is actually the perfect scenario. Western governments need the fear factor to win elections and use their country’s resources at their own expenses and for their own colonial agendas (i.e the banning of building minarets in Switzerland after a right wing campaign targeting Muslims’ presence in the country). And the Arabic leaders use the Western colonialism as an excuse to impose marshal laws and rule with iron fists presumably to make sure the country and public are protected from traitors who conspire with the Western enemies and want to bring the country to chaos (i.e look what’s happening in Iran).

SO….here’s my proposition:

Why don’t “terrorist” attacks happen right here in the Arab World! More should!! Seriously…I mean these idiot rulers of ours are sitting on their thrones literally all their lives, not bothered by anything because they’re too safe. Nothing ever happens! What if things start happening here and there? Attacks on police stations, government properties, government figures who support the totalitarian regime, etc. Let the local governments feel the heat. Let them know that they’ve been doing everything wrong. Let them know that the people have souls, pride, brains and the will to live in dignity and freedom, let them know that when the people choose to speak they will speak, uninterrupted, unhindered, full of resolve and force, and when the people speak, they speak high and mighty.

Let the thrones shake, let the regimes fall, let the voice of the people be heard, let our lands return to us, let our pride and dignity prevail, let the terrorists become heroes, and let our heroes set us free.


  1. very interesting post indeed. I would like to correct something, terrorist attacks happened here in the middle east. don't forget the bombings that happened in Egypt, jordan, algeria, beirut.
    There are as much attacks in the middle east as there are in the west. you know that since 2001, including the 9/11 planes, there have been 7 terrorist attacks/attempts in USA? only 7. that's 1 attempt for each 16 million flights. terrorist attacks are not common. and if you think of it, more attacks happened in the middle east than out side.

  2. It's not the quantity that really counts, it's the quality! Meaning the attacks have been targeting the wrong places and people. I explicitly noted in my post where attacks should be directed.
    Thank you for your comment and valuable information.

  3. I don't agree with you at all, terrorist attacks Must Not Hit the way you describe it, it's like an invitation for killing innocent people!! Yes dear, this kind of attacks only civillians and innocent pay for it and the regimes stay. Attacks in Iraq for almost 7 years now didn't change the bad situation, actually it made it worse, the corruption is more, the poverty spreads, the immigration doesn't stop and the militias getting stronger and bigger, the government is not what the people want, same in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks made the government rules only Kabul and the rest of the country is run by drug dealers and Mafias, we want the people to move but not in this way.


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