Monday, March 15, 2010

Is Israel in trouble?

If you’re a regular follower of the news you probably already read some headlines here and there about a strain in the relations between Isobama-israeli-flagrael and the US.

Arabs have been fighting Israel since its creation on multiple levels, politically, militarily, economically, and culturally. After numerous wars, boycotts, embargos, and complaints, it seemed that Israel is somewhat impervious to this fight. Many factors contributed to its imperviousness, namely the blind and unwavering support of the US taking forms of military and financial aid, political aid by blocking UN resolutions that condemn Israel (check Sources of Conflict). Other reasons include a strong control and influence over the worldwide media by groups that support Israel and its cause.

However, recently things haven’t been going so well for Israel both internally and internationally. Although it generally started with the war in Gaza under the previous administration, but ever since the current Prime Minister, Netanyahu, and his coalition were elected, things have been steadily going further  downhill. This is generally attributed to the nature of his coalition rather than an incompetence in governance.

The Israeli right now ruling the country has done more damage to Israel, at least PR wise, than ever imagined could be done by the Arabs. Israel seems to be imploding from within; thanks to the power of the settlers and the hardliners.

What was once Israel’s source of power is now becoming a source of decay, the settlers and the hardliners of Israel are wrecking havoc all over the place. Israel is becoming what it always claimed to be fighting, a fanatic and ultra-religious entity which evidently has no place in today’s world, much like the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other fanatic entities.

I’m sure the current crisis with the US will soon be water under the bridge, Israel will make some concessions, albeit temporary ones, the US will feel motherly again and shed a tear over its crying little rogue state, and reconciliation will take place.

What is happening now proves that everyone in the world has to be held accountable by a certain measure. The more power you give a country coupled with less questions asked and less accountability, the closer the state gets to being a pariah one. Especially if the state is built on a colonial basis to begin with. Israel has gone too far with its wars, destruction, demolitions, checkpoints, humiliation, segregation, prisons, walls, and violence. Israel is an occupying force and an apartheid regime and history shows that no such state can flourish and continue to exist unless it changes its ways.

In the mean time, it seems that Arabs don’t have to do much for a change. All we have to do is just sit and watch things unfold. Wait a minute, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along anyway?!


  1. Don't you get it? The US and Israel are ONE. This is all a distraction for you and me. From inside, they are all one, so we cannot even EXPECT that US will move AGAINST Israel for once in the coming future. Never gonna happen...

  2. ^ ITA with the above statement. 'nuff said!


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