Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clothes & Shoes: WMD’s

This piece of news is actually around a week old, I’ve been wanting to blog about it since I read it with astonishment, got somewhat busy, then finally got to it now since it’s too difficult to just simply ignore.Samouni2

Israel has been actively imposing a blockade on Gaza ever since Hamas was officially and democratically elected, pretty much imprisoning 1.5 million people in a 360km2 stretch of land, making it one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Gaza is under an air, land, and sea siege from all sides of its borders. Nothing and no one goes in or out of Gaza unless Israel allows it. Since Operation Cast Lead where many buildings and homes were reduced to rubbles and around 1,385 Palestinians died (about 300 of them combatants) and 13 Israelis died (10 of them combatants), since that war, Israel has not allowed any materials which can be used in any way or form to build weapons or facilities that could manufacture weapons into Gaza. This of course rules out the most basic of building materials including bricks, cement, mortar, and glass. Effectively ruling out any chance of rebuilding any of the homes, factories, shops and mills that were also destroyed during the war.

Then comes this piece of news! Although the news that even clothing and shoes isn’t entering Gaza is not particularly new to me, it was to most of the world. Yet still, I didn’t hear a big fuss about it. Not only that, Israel only did this after immense pressuring from the US, now Israel will flaunt this ‘Gesture’ of good will to the world to see how ‘humane’ and ‘moral’ it is.

What would the world do if some women and children in a small town in the US or Western Europe were deprived of the most basic of their needs! I wonder…

Could someone please tell me how can clothing and shoes in any way be used to make weapons or weapons factories?! Isn’t this blockade a blatant and clear form of mass and collective punishment? Isn’t this blockade a blatant and clear violation of basic human rights and against the Geneva Conventions? In other words…what the fuck!!

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