Monday, May 17, 2010


One of man’s primitive feelings is fear. Fear has protected man from predators and danger in early times. Fear has also raised and wiped out entire civilizations. No one wants to feel it, some try to abuse it, God demands it.

In today’s world, everyone shares everything, including their fears and worries. We’re afraid to eat too much to get fat, or too little to become skinny, or two wrong to have illnesses. We’re afraid of terrorists and what they stand for. We’re afraid of that creepy next door neighbor who keeps staring and never says anything. We afraid of heights. We’re afraid of countries our government says they’re evil. We’re afraid of reckless drivers. We’re afraid of our managers. We’re afraid of those invading armies. We’re afraid of our armies. We’re afraid of our security services. We’re afraid of our governments.

With all this fear going around, I wonder if there’s any room to be afraid of the only thing we should fear in the first place….God!


  1. cause fear of god is the root to all those torturous fears you mentioned, let you creator be the one of love and you'll be fearless.

  2. Dear muslim brothers. God (ALLAH) is not to be feared of at all in the first place. Allah says in the Glorious Quran "O My people, I love you, and by My Truthful existence, I urge you to love Me too (interpretation)".
    So, the bottomline is Not to fear Allah BUT fear the ways that go against what He has commanded you. It is just like you love your Beloved Partner, and NOT fear her / him. And, you are afraid of going against the will of them so that they dont get angered upon something that you do they don't like.
    Today, our most important problem MUST NOT be 'how to lead our future lives successfully', but "To Lead our future lives following WHAT ALLAH has commanded us in Quran and has conveyed to us through Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH); only then can we achieve true sucess coz this life is what 60 years, 70 years or may be a little more; prepare yourselves for the life that will NEVER END, and PUSH others to come back to ALLAH where you belong; and decide for yourselves that you wish to end up in Jannat or HELL forever"!@
    Jazak ALLAH Khair!



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