Monday, August 23, 2010

If you're anti-Mosque, you're anti-Islam

I think it's about time we, Muslims, stepped up our efforts a little. I personally always bitched about how much ignorance we have in the Arab World, and how behind we are in so many things. Especially when compared to the Western World. But now, it's time to talk about the other side's ignorance.

There's a war that is taking place in every sense of the word. A war between haters and hated, ignorance and innocence, warmongers and pacifists, bigotry and purity.

Thanks to people like Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News as well as a majority of pathetic Republicans, including the witch/undead/bear-claw Sarah Palin. So called human beings who would jump on any wagon that gets them and keeps them in power so they can satisfy their eternal lust and thirst for blood, hatred, wars, racism, and chauvinistic tendencies. Thanks to such people now there's a nation-wide debate in the United States about a mosque. In fact, it's not even a mosque, it's a community center that has a gym, swimming pool and a mosque in it. So why the big fuss? Because it is TWO BLOCKS away from Ground Zero, the "hallowed ground" that has become sacred to New Yorkans and many Americans because of what happened on 9/11. So again, what's the big fuss about? Those opposing this community center say that building a mosque on Ground Zero is an insult to every American, as it rewards the terrorists who committed the heinous crime of 9/11. What?!

OK, let's talk about this for a minute. Let's not sugar-coat things, many Americans truly believe that Islam, as a religion, is responisble for the violence the so-called Islamist terrorists commit everywhere. Why? Well because the terrorists say so! And since when do we believe in the message of criminals and terrorists? Well since they are Muslims doing it in the name of Islam!

There was a Jewish terrorist who fired shots at innocent Palestinians praying in a mosque once in the name of Judiasm, killing 29, injuring 125. This terrorist is even called a terrorist by the US itself. Did Americans associate his actions with the entire Jewish faith? I guess not.

Here's another example, Timothy McVeigh, well known in the US for killing 168 people and injuring 450 others in the Oklahoma City bombing, he was a catholic extremist with past ties to the KKK. Did the Americans associate his actions with the entire Catholic faith? I guess not.

So why would anyone associate the actions of a handful of ignorant, criminal terrorists who think they are Muslim and that they're acting on behalf of Islam, with the entire Muslim faith? Unless they want to use the actions of a few as an excuse to hate the lot!

Here's another question, Americans have been responsible for the death of thousands of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Do we, Muslims, have the right to hate all Americans and reject their presence everywhere then? In fact, the Muslims who died as a result of America's war on terrorism are so much more than the 3000 or so who died in 9/11 (some of which were Muslims as well)!

If you think that Americans are simply opposing the mosque's location and not the actual idea of it, think again. This isn't about this mosque, this is about Muslims and Islam as a whole. Some of these hypocrites are chanting, "take the mosque elsewhere away from Ground Zero", then they're calling the Imam who will head the mosque a terrorist and an extremist with ties to "jihadists", while also saying that the mosque will be a breeding ground to terrorists and sharia law in the US. Question...if this is the case, how is it OK to build the mosque 20 blocks away from Ground Zero then?! Is your issue really with the location or the mosque itself and the faith practiced in it. As some are saying, this goes beyond Islamophobia.

How did it all start? Here's how. Pamela Geller, a bigoted blogger from New York, who also happens to be Jewish (hey, I don't want to point fingers, but since you made this battle about faith, then I'd like to point out the faith of culprits too), has had a history of insane rants about Muslims, Palestinians and Obama to an extent that it's truly sickening to say the least. Take a look at THIS, no seriously, click on that link and see true hate! Hey, I can't make this stuff up even if I wanted to! Not only that, she is hosted by the largest networks in the US, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, you name it. And she goes on ranting unchallenged. Oh how we love America's version of freedom of speech!

I started by saying that this is a war. I'm not exagurating. Yes, the republicans are using it to win votes for the upcoming elections. However, there are alterior motives as well. Yesterday I was watching MSNBC with my cousin as they covered the rally that took place under the rain in NY by those for and against the community center. The on-scene reporter shortly interviewed two participants from both sides of the fence. The guy against the center sounded so clear and crisp, you could barely hear the background noise, but clearly hear his rhetoric and opinion, I heard every word he said. The other guy, we couldn't hear a thing of what he said, all we heard was the noise of the rally going on behind him. My cousin can vouch for this! This is not a conspiracy theory, or some mad mans' thoughts of media domination. This is real, these media campaigns are real, this negative coverage is real, all of those associations of terrorism and violence and world domination with Muslims is real...

Here's a thought, if the entire Muslim faith is violent, then you're not talking about a few thousand terrorists blowing stuff up. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the World. Imagine they were all terrorists! Oh wait, you think they all are!! 9/11 was carried out by less than 30 people. Imagine what 1.5 billion could do! Do you think the world would be as relatively peaceful as it is now if all Muslims were really as violent and blood loving as you make us to be?!

Here's another thought, if Muslims are the one who are obsessed with world domination, then how come there are American bases pretty much every where in the world, and no "Islamic" ones? Unless, you think that our mosques are our bases! In that case, you're pretty much screwed no matter what you do, cause there's even a mosque inside the Pentagon!!

We, Muslims, have been pacifists so far. We've been apologetic for something we didn't do. Yes some terrorists were Muslims, but the vast majority of us never ever agreed with what they did, do or will do in the name of our peaceful religion. And you know what, we're kinda tired of explaining ourselves to you. We're not the ones waging two wars on Christian nations and threatening a third one at the same time  (hint for the idiot, the US and its wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and potential war with Iran). We're not the ones occupying lands in the name of our holy right to be the chosen ones and treating its original inhabitants as 3rd class citizens to say the least (hint for the idiot, Israel and the Palestinians). We are not the ones carrying bigoted signs and posting ads on buses showing a Church next to an F23 killing Muslims (hint for the idiot, watch your own news!). Guess who's doing all of the above to us, you are...idiot!

We've been super peaceful and quiet for 9 years since 9/11, and still they're hunting us down calling us the worst of names and portraying us to be animals and murderous villains. So it's time we took a different, more proactive stance. You don't want me to build a mosque here or there? BITE ME! You think Islam is a violent religion? Boo! And here's one final for those who don't agree with this blog post: Allahu Akbar you bigoted mother fucker!


  1. Khaled, loved your insight in this article. Adding up; there were ONLY 1049 people killed in total (around 900 Kuffar & the rest muslims) in all the wars that were fought between the Muslims & infidels at the time of Prophet Muhammad (S.W). And, comparing this to the killings in World Wars I & II by the Western Armies which were way beyond around 400,000 people is just showing light to the sun.
    But are these soldiers called terrorists or Christianity or any other religion of this world is put tp task because of its people? No!!!
    Peace be to all.

  2. And, by the way, dude: this goes for all the anti-islamists in the world, if Islam was the religion spreading hate or producing hate mongers; then Islam Today would Never be the Most widely spread religions in the world. Example: 20,000 ppl a year in the U.S, 24000 ppl in the U.K and so on. Peace Bro!

  3. Thank you for your comment. Just wanted to correct you on a little piece of information you mentioned there, WWI had 16 million casualties (deaths), WWII around 60 million!! It makes a big difference from the 400k you mentioned...


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