Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Jewish Ahmadinejad

Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef
Unlike my previous post, I'll make this a short one...

I came across this news item today morning: "Shas spiritual leader: Abbas and Palestinians should perish". Here's a quick reference to what Shas is, it is also important to note here that this party is actually a part of the current Israeli ruling coalition. They're in the current government

Israel has seized every opportunity to mention Ahmadinejad's rhetoric that denies or questions the holocaust and calls for wiping Israel off the map, all these opportunities were echoed throughout the Western and especially American media. In light of such a statement from a party co-ruling today's Israel, I wonder how things compare or even up! And I wonder if the Western or American media will even mention it at all! Chances are they won't, even though the actual article comes from an Israeli newspaper!

Is Israel really a sheep crying wolf or is it a wolf in sheep's clothing? Are there Jewish extremists within and outside Israel? Have these extremists hurt or murdered people before in the thousands? All valid questions, all questions I personally know the answer to, the question is: do you?

In light of the the recent Islamophobic spirit taking over the US and Europe, and the thousands of Muslims dying in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Perhaps it's about time we ask ourselves, isn't this some sort of witch-hunt? Are Muslims really THE terrorists everyone brands as such? Who's dying and who's killing? Who's occupying and invading? Who's stopping Mosques from being built? Who's condemning an entire nation of Palestinians to death as seen above?

It's time people saw the truth of what's happening... 


  1. thanks for the post. I totally agree with you.

    I think people saw the truth long time ago though.

    they just don't want to accept it.

  2. Very sophisticated of you Mr. Anonymous!

  3. @Zaher, thank you for your comment.

    The people you talk about do exist of course. But I think there's still a large number of ppl who have no idea... consider it a market niche worth tapping into!

  4. Great post, sir. I'm following.

  5. Mashallah Khaled!!!Very interesting!
    We, Muslims have to wake up :(


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