Monday, September 6, 2010

Arabs' Inability to Advance

Read an article today about how Reading Arabic is 'Hard for Brain', which is a study done by Israeli scientists in the University of Haifa.

Here's what's sad about this, the Arabic language has been around for thousands of years. More than 300 million speak it on a daily basis in Arabic countries, and almost a billion people speak some of it at least in their prayers as the language of the Quran is Arabic. There's 23 Arabic countries whose official spoken and contractual language is Arabic. There's hundreds of universities and scientists and linguists scattered around in the Arab world, and elsewhere. With all of these numbers, scientists in ISRAEL make this study and publish their findings! This is shameful.

What's shameful is not that its particularly done in Israel, what's shameful is that a non-Arabic group is responsible for the study, regardless where they're from.

Arabs have been moaning for a while about how we're losing our language, and that the newer generations are getting worse at it and how we must act together to preserve Arabic. No one bothered to scientifically study why Arabic is hard to learn, and why is the new generation finding it difficult to learn it and easier to learn other languages, namely English. Especially these days when English is so widely spoken and used.

The Israelis did this study because in many schools and universities in Israel, Arabic language studies is mandatory. When they found that the Israelis are facing difficulties in learning this language, they decided to find out why...

Most Arabs go by their daily lives thinking that if it's not broken, why fix or change it. At the same time, there's constant criticism of how many things are actually broken and waiting to be fixed. Looking at the impotent governments for an answer that never came and will never come, or looking toward God for some miracle that will never come either because no one is doing anything to deserve it.

The sad outcome to all of this is what you see today. Our inability to advance, our lingering and rusting status-quo that is leading to decaying and crumbling countries and societies. The result will be us, Arabs, being swept away with a tide of developed and advanced nations in the name of progression and expansion. And when all is lost, we'll look back and we'd have nothing and no one to blame but ourselves.


  1. Good article and I see your point of view on it. We pretty much handed our problems (to non-arabs) to solve them. But what I doubt is the study itself, because it was done by Israel. Plus, a sample of 40 is not even close to give any real indicators for such a study. You need a larger pool of people. Language on its own is a complicated process and why its easier to learn one language than the other is simply the similarity in sounds and the way it looks as its easy to make association. I feel I need more convincing that learning Arabic (due to detail) the brain only relies on the left hemisphere.

  2. This study is discarded, because of the fact that if you really want to find SOMETHING about a language, then you MUST look into its deep-rooted population, so to understand the phenomena explained in this article you need to study a real arab like "Baddu" in the first place.
    Secondly, Arabic is the most widely expressed and a language with the most wide explanations in the whole world.
    Lastly, if the Israeli scientists want to find out which language is the hardest to learn, they must try chinese, cantonese, korean, hindi, urdu, etc.
    Last of all, it is the language that is pre-scripted in the brains of all the MUSLIMS in the world; why? Because, ONCE you die, your will speak Arabic from then on, even if you were an Arab or not!
    Peace be upon all you brothers & sisters.


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