Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Israel & Iran

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the region waging diplomatic war against Iran. She's not the first, and she won't be the last.

Both Israel and the US have been screaming for sanctions, condemnation, embargoes, even military strikes against the Islamic State, and so far, they've been generally successful.

All this portrayal of Iran as a rogue state that defies the will of the International community and has appalling human rights and freedom of expression records reminds me of another state that shares the same characteristics. In fact, it is much worse...Israel itself.

Hey, don't take my word for it...let's examine the facts shall we:

1. Which country has been ignoring a plethora of binding UN Resolutions for more than 30 years with zero consequences?

2. Which country has one of the worst human rights record in modern history with its treatment of the Palestinian prisoners, Palestinian population in the occupied territory, a Nazi like separation Wall which the UN declared illegal, and the Palestinian population of the besieged Gaza?

3. Which country has a stock pile of Nuclear Weapons, WMD's, mines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium warheads. AND has used many of them in very recent history against civilians?

4. Which country still practices spy games and illegal assassinations anywhere it pleases including in the UAE and Iran. AND has a vast network of spies and spying equipment that's been found in caught red handed in countries like Iran, Lebanon, USA, and Poland?

5. Which country practices apartheid on the very indigenous peoples that inhabit the lands it stole from them?

6. Which country has attacked a civilian ship carrying aid and medical supplies in international waters and killed 9 activists on board using multiple gunshots to the front and back of the victims, including gunshots to the head, execution style?

7. Which country bombed, without provocation or direct threat, sites in sovereign states such as Syria, Sudan and Iraq...sites which it claimed were nuclear reactors (weapons convoy in Sudan's case)? And got the US to bomb Libya for a similar reason, AND got away without even a whisper of condemnation from anyone? Hell, they even bombed the USS Liberty and got away with it!

8. Which country has more than 9,000 Palestinian prisoners in its prisons, most of which held without trial or proper representation?

9. And which country MURDERS innocent human beings on almost a daily basis as a result of its bullets, shells, incursions, bombs, siege, starvation, checkpoints, racist settlers and a trigger-happy army?

In case for some reason you've been living under a rock and you don't know, the answer to all of the above is: ISRAEL. Not Iran, but Israel. What does Iran have?

1. A president who lacks diplomatic skills.
2. An Islamic ruling regime which the West doesn't approve of.
3. A nuclear reactors program it claims is built for peaceful purposes (it doesn't even have any nuclear weapons yet, nor ever had the chance to use or threaten to use any).
4. A bad human rights record. (hey, who has a good one!).
5. Oh, almost forgot, and it supports Hezbollah...the militia which liberated parts of its homeland, Lebanon, from Israel's occupation.

So why is Iran getting all the heat and Israel isn't getting any? Why is Hillary Clinton and Co traveling all over the world to create a united front against a country that never really did much, especially when you compare it to a company like Israel? And why the hell isn't Israel being punished by the world for what it has done and continues to do every day; while Iran is already slapped with sanctions and isolation when it didn't even do half of what Israel has been doing?

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