Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Revolution - The People

The Egyptian revolution is so fantastic that it sent out ripples of shock and awe, not Bush's way, but in such a  civilized and positive way that it set examples and lessons to the world and generations to come.

Society functions on many levels, the Egyptian revolution is a social one and hence has many levels of its own. Ironically enough it also used Social Media as a platform to launch, promote and organize itself as well. Not entirely, but to a considerable degree.

This post is a start of a multi-leveled analysis of this epic revolution that exposed lies, disposed corrupt dictators and reflected an Arabic civilization many around the world didn't know existed.

The world was taken aback by the level of organization and steadfastness the peaceful protests depicted. Tahrir Square, the stronghold of the protesters, was a fortress of light from which the masses launched their calls and aspirations for noble values like freedom, democracy, equality and reform.

Signs of an advanced civilization could be seen in every corner of Tahrir Square. The field clinic tending to the injured and wounded. The tents erected in the middle to accommodate the garrisons. The News Wall on which newspaper cutouts were stapled for the protesters to monitor how the world and their enemy sees them. Food and drinks stands. Arts corners. A place for prayers. The list goes on.

Then there were the warriors on the front lines. The brave and free souls who fought, bled, and held on for 19 days in the face of a barbaric regime that stands for nothing but ignorance and brutality. I was glued to the television, weeping tears of pride, joy and humility, watching epic battles between the protesters and the barbaric hordes belonging to a dark yesterday. Heros fell and heros bled yet they kept going at it. Fighting for their rights. For what they believe in. Fighting for a tomorrow they can look forward to, a present they can be proud of and a yesterday they could sweep away into the dust bin of history.

The Egyptian people displayed a spirit of unity and national pride that could stand against the mightiest of tyrants. They produced a "textbook" revolution that will go down in history as probably the most successful of revolutions. One that will be studied for generations to come as an example of what people could do when united under one flag, one goal, one spirit and one cause.

I bow down in respect to the brave people of Egypt for creating their own reality, for shaping their own future and for fighting for justice and freedom in a way that will surely and ultimately transcend the value of citizens of this world. I wish I was one of you, I aspire to be one of you and I will thrive and raise my unborn children to be like you. I salute you.

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