Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baath Occupation of Syria


One of the pillars of the Syrian regime is its strong political, diplomatic and military stance against our arch-enemy, Israel. In light of the recent events in the Middle East as a whole, and Syria in particular I was thinking about worst case scenarios. It didn’t take me long to figure out that there are two such scenarios:

1. Civil War.

2. Israel occupying Syria (or at least large parts of it).

Since the Syrian government and its Baath party have always prided themselves for being on the frontlines of the Arab-Israeli struggle, I thought I’d concentrate on scenario 2, (while not undermining scenario 1 in any way)…so here goes:

Let’s assume the following happens:

1. Protests erupt in many parts of the country (already starting).

2. Government comes down hard on them (already happening).

3. Protests metamorphose into a revolution.

4. Regime falls, chaos ensues.

5. Israel steps in, occupies much of the country.


So once Israel occupies the country, how will it impact the daily lives of Syrians? Like this:

1. No rights, no justice.

2. Humiliation and enslavement.

3. Country’s resources stolen.

4. Activists in jails, torture.

5. Heavy handed state security, police state.

6. High levels of censorship.

7. Poverty.

But wait a minute, aren’t most Syrians living in these conditions already? Indeed they are, not only that, Corruption can be added to the list also which is probably much higher in Syria today than it is in the occupied territories of Palestine!

We have nothing against our beloved president, in fact we love him, we are confident that under different circumstances he would have been a great leader. But we do have something against the Baath party:

To us, you’re no different than our arch-enemy Israel. You do to us everyday what Israel does to the Palestinians everyday. You abused your powers, enslaved your people and stole from them for more than 40 years. You were given a very long chance to make things better and you failed, now your time is up. Now the Syrian people are saying enough. Go back to where you came from because you have clearly failed to rule a nation in every single aspect. Go home while you still can.

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