Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Syrian Revolution Pt. 2

This is my third post regarding the events unfolding in Syria and the second part of my opinionated coverage of the revolution. In my first post I wrote about the Baath party occupying Syria much like Israel occupies Palestine. In The Syrian Revolution Pt. 1 I attempted to reply to some of those in Syria and elsewhere who claim this regime is good for Syria. Things happened since that last post, treacherous things, therefore my language will be different in this post...in other words, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Oppression and violence against peaceful protesters has taken a more violent and brutal turn. The regime has sent out animals to the streets, armed to their teeth with bullets that pierce the flesh of innocent civilians, their very own countrymen. Armies have been deployed in cities as if they were occupied by some foreign heavily armed forces. Tanks wander the streets to spread terror. Snipers and sharp shooters riddle the rooftops in anticipation of any moving soul in the empty lifeless streets. It's hunting season for them. "Shoot anything that moves" their orders are apparently. And shoot anything that moved they did. Four Hundred innocent unarmed civilians have been killed by the Syrian security forces, thugs and army since the start of this uprising. And it doesn't seem like it's letting up anytime soon.

When I replied to some of my friends and cousins in and out of Syria who were defending the Syrian murderous regime I approached the matter as a mere difference of opinion. They are supporters of a certain approach or status quo and I have reasons for that status quo to change. Now, however, things are different. When you defend this regime, you're defending the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians. You are defending the killing of children and the unjustified arrest of hundreds of innocent civilians. You are defending a lying, murdering, deceitful regime that is actively practicing state terror and actively hunting down any form of peaceful resentment and killing and/or arresting every and anyone who dares to speak up. This has gone too far.

When you support an ideology or a political party, you're practicing your democratic right and freedom of speech. When you support the brutal, inhumane and unholy murder of your own countrymen, you're committing treason.

The regime tells us these are Salafists, terrorists, infiltrators, agents of the West who wish our country harm, who wish to compromise Syria by destabilizing it from within. The regime is right...but it's only right because it believes that Syria is the Baath Party and the Baath Party is Syria.

Yes, we do wish to destabilize the Baath regime, we want to compromise its integrity, because we simply want it gone. Why? Well let's assume it was so good to Syria before, the way it's been "managing" the recent protests is reason enough for them to go.

They think they're immune to punishment. They think they can hide behind their walls and weapons and shoot at their unarmed subjects. They think the Syrian people are slaves who either obey or else. They are wrong. Bashar, Maher, the Makhloofs, Shawkat, even Rifa'at and Khaddam...it's only a matter of time.

To these thugs I mentioned above...the mafia heads who deserve to die for their treason, and to those making and executing the decisions in this dying regime I say this: Your hands are stained with the blood of your countrymen and the tears of their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children. One day you will pay for this, in this lifetime or the next. Your ivory towers will not protect you from the wrath of people or God Almighty. One day, you will pay.

Warning: The video below contains graphic images. But if you watch it, you'll understand in what context this post was written.


  1. Khaled,

    Thank you for putting into words something that I feel deeply but have been unable to do. Thank you for your courage. I am still afraid for my family in Syria so I am not even using my real name. God bless you. I have been crying myself to sleep and feeling so unable to do anything. Thank you for what you are doing. Thank you for mentioning their names. I even know some of them. I had such high hopes for Bashar, for the future for Syria. It is in the DNA. There will be a price to pay for these atrocities. I have been reading comments from people that I have known for years and considered friends defending the regime and unwilling to believe that this is really happening. Please, please keep writing. You have a gift and a voice that needs to be heard.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I hope your family, friends and relatives are safe.


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