Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Syria Proclaims It Now Has Upper Hand Over Uprising

This statement made by this so-called advisor is as stupid as her nose job. If gaining the upper ground is done by killing, torturing and jailing innocent civilians asking for their God given rights; then I would say it's a job well done.

How can this regime stay after what it has done! They have bred furious people throughout my country who at all costs, including their lives, still maintain the peaceful aspect of their protests.

Legitimacy is gone when you start shooting at your own people. Legitimacy is gone when you label anyone who asks for their rights as a terrorist and saboteur, equating them with common criminals who roam the streets freely, untouched by the iron-fiste­d security thugs who claim they've been deployed to maintain the peace.

My country is going through a very difficult time, and I believe it will be worse unfortunat­ely. Simultaneo­usly, we do not want Syria to turn into another Libya. And we do not want foreign interventi­on with its heavy financial and political costs. It's a dilemma we're facing. One thing remains...­this "advisor" is a liar much like the rest of this dying regime. Their lies, deceit and crimes will spell their end, one way or another.
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